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English language - Test Instruction: Don't use dictionary!
I. Please fill in the missing words.
  1. My house is opposite .................... the shops.
  2. She walked .................... the road without looking.
  3. Hasn´t .................... ?
  4. Please speak a little more ....................
  5. .................... we buy a new car?
II. Choose from the sentences given those that relate to each other and link them.
  1. What are you doing?
  2. Does he work at night?
  3. When does Joe go home?
  4. Where is Jane going?
  5. Are you watching TV?
III. Read the text and decide on the following sentences whether they are right or wrong.
Today, when English is one of the major languages in the world, it requires an effort of the imagination to realize that this is a relatively recent thing – that in Shakespeare’s time, for example, only a few million people spoke English, and the language was not thought to be very important by the other nations of Europe, and was unknown to the rest of the world. English has become a world language because of its establishment as a mother tongue outside England, in all the continents of the world. This exporting of English began in the seventeenth century, with the first settlements in North America. Above all, it is the great growth of population in the United States, assisted by massive immigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that has given the English language its present standing in the world.
Select True or False
  1. English was already an important language four hundred years ago.
  2. It is mainly because of former British colonies in the world that English has become a world language.
  3. Last two centuries saw a lot of foreigners coming to live in the United States.
  4. Shakespeare wrote in English because he knew English would become the number one world language.
  5. There is no continent where English isn’t spoken.
Additional information
State which job positions you are interested in (or in which field you would like to work in the future):
Consent to register as a job seeker
I, the undersigned (hereinafter also referred to as the "Data Entity") as a job seeker
give consent to company MP Job consult s.r.o., company number: ‎06221203, with its registered office at Náchodská 614/136 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), to register me and to keep my records in their Register of job seekers and to process, within this register, all the data I have provided the Company for the purpose of open competition.
As long as I am registered as a job seeker in the Register of job seekers of the Company and / or any recruitment agency, the stated agency is entitled:
  • to contact me for the purpose of offering participation in open competition for a suitable vacancy
  • to process my personal data for the purpose of profiling and making it easier to choose a suitable vacancy for me
  • to process my personal data for the purpose of evaluating open competition and its whole course
I give consent for a period of 5 years unless I withdraw my consent earlier.
I give
(hereinafter referred to as "Recruitment Agencies")
I give
(hereinafter referred to as "Clients of the Company")
consent (to each separately as an individual administrator) to process, within scope of their activities, all the data I have provided the Company for the purpose of open competition.

I give the Company consent to direct marketing that consists in offering selected vacancies, sending information about marketing events (communication can take place e.g. by e-mail or by phone).

Giving the above mentioned consents is voluntary. I can withdraw any of the given consents with effects for the future. If I refuse to give consent or withdraw my consent, no negative consequences from such actions will affect me.

It applies that I cannot be excluded from the open competition I have already applied for because I had not given consent to process my personal data within the Register of job seekers of the Company. If I decide to withdraw (any of the above mentioned) already given consents, I may contact, send a written notice or appear in person in the registered office or in individual branches of the Company.

At the same time, I confirm that I have received Information on Processing of Personal Data, pursuant to Article 13 of the GDPR, from the Company.

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